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I came across this gem on social media today. The mystery editor missed a few mistakes (bedroom is one word, built-in needs to be hyphenated, for example) but their efforts have drawn attention to the declining standard of advertising signage around Melbourne.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 1.59.47 pm

Here’s a more minor, but increasingly common one: unnecessary use of capital letters.

This example’s courtesy of ANZ (coincidentally, one of my clients). There’s no need for ‘bank’ to be capitalised in this instance (or many others, unless it refers to the name of a company).


Then there’s my local fish and chip shop, which boasts about its owners being from long line of “fisherman”. Not just written in chalk on a sandwich board, mind you. The typo is emblazoned on numerous beautifully-designed, glass-framed advertising signs displayed at the shop, and throughout a nearby shopping centre.

These are minor issues – but they’re also simple to fix. The best communications stand out for the message they convey, rather than the way they’re written.

Interested to know what type of editing, proofreading and communications services I offer? Take a look at my 2015 service list.

Jaclyn McRae Media 2015 Service List

What type of editing do I need?

Proofreading: A final check for typos and small errors.

Copyediting / substantive editing: A detailed look at every aspect of the text. From spelling and grammar to overall consistency and logic, with rewriting, where necessary.

It’s a subeditor’s job to identify and correct:

  • Typos and spelling mistakes
  • Incorrect punctuation
  • Problems with sentence and paragraph structure
  • Issues with clarity, logic or flow
  • Inconsistences with tenses, names and general statements
  • Use of jargon
  • Repetition and redundancies

What I can do for you:

Business editing

  • Annual reports
  • Business cases
  • Website text
  • Press releases
  • Proposals / pitches
  • Newsletters / email campaigns
  • Speeches
  • Legal documents
  • Technical documents

Academic editing

  • Theses
  • Research papers
  • Assignments

General editing

  • Resumes
  • Job application letters
  • Foreign-language (ESL) documents


  • I can prepare detailed background notes for projects of every size.

Article paraphrasing/condensing

  • Need to turn a 20,000-word report into a shorter summary? I can isolate and condense the key points to make it easier to digest.

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