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What type of editing do I need?

Proofreading: A final check for typos and small errors.

Copyediting / substantive editing: A detailed look at every aspect of the text. From spelling and grammar to overall consistency and logic, with rewriting, where necessary.

It’s a subeditor’s job to identify and correct:

  • Typos and spelling mistakes
  • Incorrect punctuation
  • Problems with sentence and paragraph structure
  • Issues with clarity, logic or flow
  • Inconsistences with tenses, names and general statements
  • Use of jargon
  • Repetition and redundancies

What I can do for you:

Business editing

  • Annual reports
  • Business cases
  • Website text
  • Press releases
  • Proposals / pitches
  • Newsletters / email campaigns
  • Speeches
  • Legal documents
  • Technical documents

Academic editing

  • Theses
  • Research papers
  • Assignments

General editing

  • Resumes
  • Job application letters
  • Foreign-language (ESL) documents


  • I can prepare detailed background notes for projects of every size.

Article paraphrasing/condensing

  • Need to turn a 20,000-word report into a shorter summary? I can isolate and condense the key points to make it easier to digest.

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